Monday, December 26, 2011

Mobile Cloud Computing Market to Grow by 2016

Cloud computing is off on a good start and it does not end there. And in the coming years, it will increase and get larger even more as it penetrates the mobile world.

Mobile cloud computing, still an accounting software, is expected to generate an income of $45 billion by 2016. This is according to the prediction of Visiongain, an independent information provider. This will be made possible with the enormous popularity of smartphones.

A “rapid growth stage” is being predicted for mobile cloud computing as invoicing software.

The development of cloud-based mobile applications will be encouraged by BONDI, OneAPI, and HTML5, which are all technology enhancements. This is seen to happen in 2014.

Many companies and small businesses are seen to join in the trend of adopting this software for accounting despite issues of feasibility, security, privacy, and accessibility.

In five years’ time, cloud computing is expected to be valued at $240 billion. This is a great rise from its current value of only $77 billion. And of course, it is the mobile market that will drive this much income.

With all cloud computing can do, it will surely change the way a desktop looks forever. This is according to Dr. Mick Grierson who is a computer lecturer at Goldsmiths, University of London.

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