Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Businesses Informed to Back-up Cloud Computing Systems

While so many companies today have adopted the use of cloud computing, they are forgetting an essential thing to do—creating back-ups. Data that are sent to the clouds have to be adequately backed up.

This is according to Andrea Simmons, a writer for the BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT.

Just recently, Amazon Web Services had a huge outage after its European cloud services were knocked out by a lightning strike in Dublin, Ireland last August. As a result, Springpad, one of its products, was out of use for two days.

The consequences of the said accident were devastating to the company and served as a wake-up call for BCS and all other companies that have information in the cloud. The problem of BCS was not just the consequences but also of the lack of a back-up system.

What can be done?

Though not everything can be backed-up, a lot of things can still be backed-up. Google apps can be used for calendars, mails, and documents. Notes should also be backed-up too.

The importance of having a back-up system is that it enables a business to still have access to these data even in the absence of an internet connection. These back-up systems may be placed locally on a computer or hard drive.

Cloud computing is not an evil thing or practice. Just like other applications, it is not perfect. Though it can securely keep data and other records, unexpected accidents happen and so the business owner using it should take the responsibility of keeping its back-up system.

Just recently, cloud computing was mentioned in the report of IBTimes that it can be a great environmental option against carbon, according to the research of the Carbon Disclosure Project.


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Monday, September 26, 2011

Cloud Computing: Efficient and Ideal for Business

There has been a recent advice for those companies that intend to adopt the cloud computing technology, an online accounting software. By doing so, businesses will be doing their share for the environment.

It has been found that using this new technology is a guaranteed way to slash carbon emissions. This is according to the new research of the Carbon Disclosure Projects as reported by the IBTimes.

The report, entitled Cloud Computing: The IT Solution for the 21st Century, has stated that there can be a cutback of 85.7 million metric tonnes of carbon dioxide output in the US alone.

With cloud computing, businesses can make their energy last longer, save more money, and enhance business efficiency.

By using this accounting software for small businesses, it is just like not using 200 million barrels of oil.

Cloud computing has been found be revolutionizing the way the outsourcing of IT works with the flexibility it offers companies. This is according to the findings of the K2 Advisory.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

PM Julia Gillard Flags a Business Tax Shake-Up

After receiving criticisms against her government, Prime Minister Julia Gillard vows to bring new flexibility into the tax system.

Just last night, Julia Gillard made more changes to business tax rules in response to calls for the reduction in company tax from 30 per cent to 25 per cent.

Although Gillard did not give specific details as to the changes, she wants delegates during next month’s two-day forum in Canberra to discuss options for a tax system that would better support businesses.

According to Gillard during the Australia Industry Group dinner in Canberra, the aims of the changes include "removing distortions, lifting barriers, delivering flexibility ... (and) encouraging enterprise."

Though Gillard does not share the values of British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, she quoted the latter by saying, “there is no alternative”.

The keys to boosting economic growth in the non-mining sector include lower company tax rate, reduced red tape, and greater focus on entrepreneurship.

"We need to keep investing in and developing our skills and capabilities. The Australian economy is at a turning point. We are paying for a lack of emphasis and effort given to lifting productivity over many years,” he said.

According to the Prime Minister, "no system of policy settings is more central to business planning than business tax."


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Monday, September 19, 2011

Accounting Software Ensures Smooth Operation of Large-Scale Projects

Problem on accounting and budget processes hits Newcastle Knights’ Ausgrid Stadium.

According to a Newcastle local tabloid newspaper, the Newcastle Herald, Ausgrid Stadium, formally known as Newcastle International Sports Centre --- a multi-purpose sports stadium located in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia and the home ground of the Newcastle Knights (National Rugby League) and the Newcastle United Jets (A-League) teams and owned by the New South Wales government and administered by the Hunter International Sports Centre Trust --- has been having significant problems during a scheme.

The said problems is said to relate primarily to a series of errors that has been made in the accounting and budget processes --- which is said to have been resolved with an engagement of a specialist technology, particularly a software for accounting.

The difficulties came to light after an audit was carried out on the venue's western grandstand redevelopment.

According to the audit report that the given that from March 2011 there were no finance personnel on staff, for this reason there is a reason for the heavy reliance on a third party for budget preparation and monitoring.

The way the projects’ financial chiefs allowed a budget deficit to run up was extremely critical.

Bosses overseeing large construction and redevelopment projects might now be wise to ensure they have access to accounting software so as not to encounter similar problems with the Ausgrid Stadium scheme.

Ausgrid Stadium is currently undergoing a dramatic facelift with the redevelopment of the Western Grandstand. This state of the art facility is due for completion prior to the start of the 2011 NRL Season and will provide Newcastle and the Hunter Valley with a sporting facility to rival any across the country. It has a current capacity stands at approximately 23,000, with a target of up to 35,000 when the ground is complete.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cloud Computing Storm Drives Business Industry

A new Sand Hill Group survey reveals that over the next 12 months, it would be cloud computing and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) that will be driving the largest amount of spending in the software industry.

There were more than 100 software company CEO’s and CFO’s who were interviewed for the Software CEO/CFO Outlook 2011study. They are expecting that their companies will grow by at least 20 per cent in 2011. Accordingly, hiring is also expected to increase.

After the economic recession in 2008 and 2009, the accounting software for businesses industry still continues to pull itself out of the meltdown. But there is a vibrating positivity as the survey respondents are seeing that more than three quarters of them are already back to pre-recession growth levels in 2011.

To increase efficiencies and reduce costs are among the biggest reasons why there will be an increased spending on online accounting software.

This news has led to the question of whether private equity groups should also jump in.

Though there is still not so many cloud computing applications available for private equity companies, the construction industry is starting to store some of its applications into the cloud.

Should there be a go-signal to do the same, one thing that has to be decided upon is the owner of the primary license for the cloud software or service. Should the Private Equity own the license, the investment companies may have the sublicense to the same package. This is called private equity owned.

On the other hand, if it is the investment companies that own the license, it will be called investment company-owned. In this case, the control will be in the hands of the investment companies and not in the private equity.

However, it is seen that the more beneficial set-up is the private-equity owned.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Cloud Computing: It is Right for Small Business?

Cloud computing has become a trend for many large scale businesses. It is a business accounting software that allows predefined users to access their data anytime, anywhere. The best part about it is that since it is online, there is no need for the business owner to be physically where the data source is. However, it has been advised that small and medium scale business should also engage in cloud computing.

"If you look at the market research that's being published now, I think in particular, the ready-made cloud applications that we call SaaS (software as a service) are certainly becoming a big element of choice for small businesses to quickly and cost effectively fulfill computing needs that they find emerging," said Phil Wainwright, Vice Chairman of Eurocloud.

“Some of the larger companies have been using infrastructure and platform for some of their development efforts but companies across the board - especially the smaller companies - have been using software as a service. It's very accessible, it's very affordable and it's simpler to begin a transition with something like that," according to an author of CompTIA Cloud Computing report, Seth Robinson.

Benefits of cloud computing

1. Even small businesses have capacity issues. Cloud computer addresses these.
2. It eliminates the need to acquire the company’s own servers and the IT specialist to take care of it.
3. Fees to be paid are not uniform for all businesses. This depends on the amount of space or capacity need of the company.
4. Cloud computing saves the business and its company owner time and effort by letting them focus on their core business while it takes care of the business processes.

Cloud computing providers

Google, as an internet giant, also provides cloud computing. Among the Google apps are Gmail for email, Docs for file sharing, Calendar and sites.

For other companies, they have software-as-a-service which is a subset of cloud computing. An example for this is the web-based leave management form that gives the employees the convenience to file for leaves anytime and anywhere.

According to the Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA), a certain degree of “flexibility and scalability” among small and medium-sized enterprises is being expected by customers.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Accounting Software  Allow Businesses to Save Money

Accounting is very important to every business. And in today’s economic instability that is brought about by the global economic crisis, adopting the use of accounting software for businesses is deemed very advantageous.

According to Terry Forsey, a software sales and marketing coach, the software for accounting will make other services redundant. For one, the services of an external accountant will no longer be needed as often as before. Besides that, a professional bookkeeper will also be less needed when the accounting software is used.

"If you're dealing with a company who pays your invoices on 30 days from date of receipt, you can email them, which means you can get your invoices out an awful lot quicker,” added Forsey. However, it is advised that the employees to operate the software should have to undergo rigid training.

Here are other advantages of using Accounting Software that can make businesses save money:

1. Payroll processing

Hiring a payroll master can be tough especially for a small business. But by using the accounting software for businesses, time sheet information is entered together with the rate of pay. It is the software that does all the computations. Deductions are automatically applied.

2. Easy transaction entry

The slightest mistake in entering data can be disastrous. And yes, this can happen even to employees who are being extremely careful at data entry. But with the newest accounting software, incorrect data entry can be avoided as these already have safeguards that ensure that only the correct data are entered. Debit and credit transactions are checked and made sure to be accurate.

3. Accounts payable

Paying suppliers has never been this easy. With the software for accounting, all payables and collectibles are easier to track because the software has the ability to organize data and information. Therefore, a company is able to save because all charges and fees brought about by overdue payments are avoided.

4. Tax and financial reports

Tax statements are very complicated. With the software for accounting, this can be done fast, accurately, and timely.

5. Ease of access

Accounting software are online applications. This means that anyone can work on accounting even at home, in the mall, or wherever the need arises. With just a laptop computer, internet connection, and account password, work can be completed in no time.


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Six Reasons Why Businesses Should Have an Accounting Software

Six Reasons to Invest on an Accounting Software
Businesses should have accounting software. There are so many reasons out there for businesses to have accounting software in order to improve their performance. Terry Forsey, Software Sales and Marketing Coach and owner of Forsey Consulting, elaborates about the benefits of such solution.

There has been a mention of 6 top reasons. The first of which is that it gives the ability to complete bookkeeping tasks much quicker and more accurately.

This will help improve customer service as questions from clients are being responded to much more quickly, according to Forsey.

Forsey also noted that businesses will have accuracy, and then the ability to automate or semi-automate a number of things, "including invoice dispatch bank returns, reconciliations and so on."

Forsey also went on to say that using accounting software puts the companies to a position to make superior financial decisions as compared to those who do not.

After the Executive Vice President at Technology Education firm, Randolph Johnston, said the software is perfect for small and large businesses, it is Forsey who is the latest industry chief to praise the solution.

Terry Forsey
Terry Forsey
Terry Forsey has a Masters Degree in Computer Science, yet has spent over 30 years working as a Sales & Marketing focused Director within the Software Industry. His experience has been with Small and Medium sized software companies where he has repeatedly wrestled with the challenges of growth and survived three previous recessions!

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