Monday, September 12, 2011

Cloud Computing: It is Right for Small Business?

Cloud computing has become a trend for many large scale businesses. It is a business accounting software that allows predefined users to access their data anytime, anywhere. The best part about it is that since it is online, there is no need for the business owner to be physically where the data source is. However, it has been advised that small and medium scale business should also engage in cloud computing.

"If you look at the market research that's being published now, I think in particular, the ready-made cloud applications that we call SaaS (software as a service) are certainly becoming a big element of choice for small businesses to quickly and cost effectively fulfill computing needs that they find emerging," said Phil Wainwright, Vice Chairman of Eurocloud.

“Some of the larger companies have been using infrastructure and platform for some of their development efforts but companies across the board - especially the smaller companies - have been using software as a service. It's very accessible, it's very affordable and it's simpler to begin a transition with something like that," according to an author of CompTIA Cloud Computing report, Seth Robinson.

Benefits of cloud computing

1. Even small businesses have capacity issues. Cloud computer addresses these.
2. It eliminates the need to acquire the company’s own servers and the IT specialist to take care of it.
3. Fees to be paid are not uniform for all businesses. This depends on the amount of space or capacity need of the company.
4. Cloud computing saves the business and its company owner time and effort by letting them focus on their core business while it takes care of the business processes.

Cloud computing providers

Google, as an internet giant, also provides cloud computing. Among the Google apps are Gmail for email, Docs for file sharing, Calendar and sites.

For other companies, they have software-as-a-service which is a subset of cloud computing. An example for this is the web-based leave management form that gives the employees the convenience to file for leaves anytime and anywhere.

According to the Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA), a certain degree of “flexibility and scalability” among small and medium-sized enterprises is being expected by customers.

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