Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Businesses Informed to Back-up Cloud Computing Systems

While so many companies today have adopted the use of cloud computing, they are forgetting an essential thing to do—creating back-ups. Data that are sent to the clouds have to be adequately backed up.

This is according to Andrea Simmons, a writer for the BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT.

Just recently, Amazon Web Services had a huge outage after its European cloud services were knocked out by a lightning strike in Dublin, Ireland last August. As a result, Springpad, one of its products, was out of use for two days.

The consequences of the said accident were devastating to the company and served as a wake-up call for BCS and all other companies that have information in the cloud. The problem of BCS was not just the consequences but also of the lack of a back-up system.

What can be done?

Though not everything can be backed-up, a lot of things can still be backed-up. Google apps can be used for calendars, mails, and documents. Notes should also be backed-up too.

The importance of having a back-up system is that it enables a business to still have access to these data even in the absence of an internet connection. These back-up systems may be placed locally on a computer or hard drive.

Cloud computing is not an evil thing or practice. Just like other applications, it is not perfect. Though it can securely keep data and other records, unexpected accidents happen and so the business owner using it should take the responsibility of keeping its back-up system.

Just recently, cloud computing was mentioned in the report of IBTimes that it can be a great environmental option against carbon, according to the research of the Carbon Disclosure Project.


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