Monday, November 28, 2011

Australian SME Businesses Not Happy with Federal Government

An MYOB report reveals that about half of Australian SMEs are now dissatisfied with the federal government. The rage of these small and medium businesses has reached a three-year high. From just 31 percent during the last three months, the number of dissatisfied SME’s has soared to 56 percent recently.

Only 14 percent of the 1000 surveyed business owners in October say they are happy. This shows a decrease from the 27 percent last August.

According to Tom Reed, MYOB Chief Executive, business owners are a pragmatic group and they may be appeased if the government takes some straightforward measures.

“Business owners... go into business because they are passionate about delivering a product or service better. They don’t tend to have ideological views, but support clear policies that will strengthen the economy and remove red tape,” he added.

The state that has the highest dissatisfaction rating is Queensland at 65 pecent. Last March, this was only at 46 percent. On the other hand, Victoria has the lowest dissatisfaction rating of 41 percent which is still nine percent higher than the previous survey results.

"We call upon all political parties to stop ignoring the SME sector and start developing policies that will genuinely make business life easier," is the call of Mr. Reed.

The MYOB also found out that small business owners want some immediate action in the following:

  • A good 69 percent want policies that simplify GST/BAS reporting processes
  • Another 66 percent want more government investments in transport infrastructure in cities and states
  • 63 percent want more funding for innovation, research, and development
  • 61 percent want a “Buy Australian made” policy for procurements in the government
  • And 61 percent want the carbon tax abolished.

“It needs to shore up business tax revenue shortfalls if it’s to meet its surplus promise, while at the same time stimulate non-mining sector business investment and growth,” said Reed.

“With the carbon tax legislation off the immediate agenda, the Gillard Government can take back the policy initiative and positively respond to the recent tax forum,” he added.

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