Sunday, August 21, 2011

Accounting Software Can Save Businesses From the Threats of Insolvency

It is clear that investing in high quality accounting software packages is an efficient way to keep a business on the right track and to keep off threats brought about by insolvency.

This came after AAP’s report that there was a 21.1 per cent increase in terms of the number of Australian firms that hit financial meltdown in June.

It is expected that the number will rise further in the coming months according to Taylor Woodings, the accounting firm that did the research.

“Most of them are where there's been a problem for a number of years. It's not indicative of the current economic climate,” said Michael Ryan, managing partner of the firm. It is seen that such problems can build up over time.

By utilizing an accounting software such as SAP Business One, financial issues may be tackled at its earliest stage and may be prevented from becoming a major problem.

This thought has been strengthened by Kevin Wright who is a partner at chartered accountant, Leftley Rowe, saying that small businesses can benefit from using accounting software.

Source: Can accounting software help to stave off the threat of insolvency? | Codestone »

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