Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tecala Says Cloud Computing Helps Lower Costs for Australian Business

A whopping seventy per cent of Australian organizations have recorded cost-savings after utilizing cloud computing. This was found out by Tecala, an ICT infrastructure and solutions provider.

95 per cent of 113 IT decision makers that were surveyed for the study felt that the advantages of using cloud computing surpassed any potential risks. 26 per cent of businesses are looking at migrating to the cloud by the middle of next year.

“It’s clear that organizations are increasingly highlighting cloud computing as a major lever for IT change and investigating its ability to maximize core infrastructure, improve service levels, lower ongoing IT costs, increase agility and enhance user experience and employee profitability,” said Gleuto Serafim, CEO of Tecala.

The survey also emphasized the importance of having the right people and processes in order to ensure efficiency and collaboration. 69 per cent of professionals are expecting that they will either maintain or increase their cloud computing budget by 2012.

Chris Moyle, EMC Australia’s Channel Manager, thinks that Australian businesses will continue to adopt cloud computing. He also feels that trust is a key factor to determine which data goes into the public cloud and which ones remain in the private cloud.

There were issues related to cloud computing that were tackled in the survey. These include risks in potential bandwidth consumption with 32 per cent, the possibility for latency and poor user experience with 25 per cent, security concerns with 18 per cent, and a belief by organizations that clouds are less secure than private clouds with 37 per cent.

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